Parrot has launched three new initiatives, one of which includes an enterprise drone loan program.

The manufacturer created the initiative to give enterprises the chance of testing its Anafi platform within a working environment.

Selected partners will receive a complete set of hardware and software to help them find out if the Anafi product is right for them and if it can be integrated into the business.

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The package will include the drone, controller, batteries as well as the piloting app, SDK documentation and third party apps and services.

As part of its new initiatives, Parrot has also introduced the developer program.

It offers users the chance to build apps and services for Anafi.

With the Software Development Kit, users will be able to create custom designed Ground Control Station, work with both streamed and recorded videos, read flight metadata and export complete flights logs.

It can then be tested in a fully simulated environment and once working, Parrot will work on the deployment and the business aspects.

The French manufacturer is also looking for partnerships with professional media creators, editors and influencers as it looks for project collaboration.

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