Parrot puts pilots in cockpit with ANAFI FPV


Parrot has released its ANAFI FPV, a product it says will offer live, immersive video from its 180-degree tilting camera.

To deliver the experience, the FPV relies on a combination of hardware and intuitive software.

The brand-new FPV interface in FreeFlight 6.6 is a streamlined heads-up display (HUD) with an immersive, unobstructed view of your aerial acrobatics which highlights any safety or geofencing alerts in direct field of view.

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The main FPV HUD shows contextual information, such as flight speed, direction, altitude and drone location but can be minimalised if needed.

As part of the release, two new flight presets join ANAFI’s menu of options, designed to help pilots of every level capture videos with ease.

Cinematic preset aims to capture smooth and dramatic footage while the racing preset is built for more high-speed aggressing filming.

Priced at £729.99, the All-In-One pack includes the ANAFI FPV quadcopter drone, one battery, one Skycontroller 3, a pair of Cockpitglasses, a 16GB SD memory card, a USB-C cable, an extra set of propellers and a backpack.

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