Parrot to enhance drone fleet automation

European drone group Parrot has struck a partnership with UAV software provider High Lander to enhance automation across its product portfolio.

Combining Parrot ANAFI USA and ANAFI platform drones with High Lander’s Mission Control software, professionals can now enjoy best-in-class drone features, mission efficiency and automation through an easy-to-use dashboard.

“Parrot is continuously striving to provide our professional users with extended capabilities — allowing them to rapidly adapt their drone operations to fit their changing and urgent needs,” said Jerome Bouvard, Parrot Director of Strategic Partnerships.

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“Drone automation and intelligence are at the heart of our product and software developments. This new partnership with High Lander represents another step towards enhanced automation and control capability of our drones.”

Using real-time device reporting and telemetry, first responders can autonomously manage their drone fleets while performing takeoff and landing, route-planning, and other crucial tasks — all from theMission Control Operations Center dashboard.

The software’s sinterface paired with the ANAFI USA’s ease-of-operation and rapid deployment provide more safety for responders and allow faster intervention during critical moments. Mission Control’s customised live link generation can also provide team-members onsite with an instant view of a drone’s video feed for fast assistance during search-and-rescue missions.

For surveying and mapping missions, operators can enjoy improved control modes including ‘Path,’ which sets an automated plan including multiple waypoints, telemetric, gimbal and payload settings; and ‘Modeling & Mapping,’ which allows operators to survey an area in detail as they efficiently create 2D maps and 3D models using Parrot ANAFI’s precise GPS coordinates capabilities.

“As one of the top players in the field, we are proud to partner with Parrot to pair our Mission Control platform with ANAFI USA and ANAFI drones and deliver broader hardware options to our customers,” said High Lander CTO, Ido Yahalomi.

“As a hardware-free system, Mission Control is compatible with leading drone manufacturers’ solutions, now including Parrot, to provide our customers with the freedom of customising their drone fleets with best-in-class UAVs.”

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