The Pentagon recruits Google for secret military UAV project

Military drone

The Pentagon, the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, locks in a heavy-weight technology partner to assist in the development of AI UAV analysis for military deployments.

It has been reported that the organisation has partnered with Google to create an AI system to hunt for militants in war-torn regions and analyse drone footage.

According to the Daily Mail, the partnership forms part of Project Maven, a system that analyses aerial surveillance video to look for patterns that can military intelligence analysts.

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It has been reported that the announcement has been met with mixed responses by the Google workforce.

The effort to help a workforce increasingly overwhelmed by incoming data, including millions of hours of video, began in April when then-deputy defense secretary, Bob Work announced in a memo that he was establishing an Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Functional Team, overseen by the undersecretary of defence for intelligence, to work on something he called Project Maven.

“As numerous studies have made clear, the department of defense must integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning more effectively across operations to maintain advantages over increasingly capable adversaries and competitors,” Work stated.

According to The Verge, an American technology publication, a Google spokesperson stated: “We have long worked with government agencies to provide technology solutions. This specific project is a pilot with the Department of Defense, to provide open source TensorFlow APIs that can assist in object recognition on unclassified data. The technology flags images for human review, and is for non-offensive uses only.”

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