Perception sensor company Innoviz enlists Cognata’s simulation testing software


Innoviz, which specialises in perception software for self-driving cars and automated drones, has enlisted the simulation testing software of Cognata.

Innoviz provides high-performance solid-state LiDAR sensors and perception software to allow self-driving cars and automated drones to avoid collision.

Cognata, meanwhile, uses powerful simulation software to test the effectiveness of such systems, and will now do so for Innoviz.

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Demand for software like Innoviz’s LiDAR is forecast to increase 7000% by only 2023.

“Cognata is committed to delivering best-in-class simulation for the entire automated driving sensor suite,” said Danny Atsmon, Cognata CEO.

“Our simulation platform offers the most precise-level of testing on the market,” he continued, “that can replicate the exact sensor responses, down to the fine details.”

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