Perpetual Motion debuts drone disinfectant technology to help drive large-scale facility reopenings


Perpetual Motion has launched its new health-forward, drone-powered disinfecting technology for large indoor venues and outdoor facilities.

Perpetual Motion is a disinfecting distributorship that combines the industry’s most advanced drone from Lucid Drone Technologies with eco-friendly chemistry from Mark-V and Titania and full-service, expert-backed support to enable the large-scale disinfecting needs of learning institutions, athletic facilities and other large infrastructures seeking safe, sanitary and seamless reopenings.

These capabilities aren’t limited to outdoor facilities, as Perpetual Motion’s groundbreaking approach empowers disinfecting for indoor venues as well.

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By consolidating superior drone technology with a highly effective, non-toxic disinfecting chemistry, Perpetual Motion says it is providing facility operators and building service contractors an all-in-one full-service solution to alleviate the pressing public health concerns around disinfecting.

Scott Thornton, Perpetual Motion’s president, said: “Facilities are eager to re-open, but to date, no company has provided a complete solution for using drone technology to disinfect large facilities and arenas.”

Adding: “At Perpetual Motion, we see an incredible opportunity to blend safe and effective chemistry with sophisticated American-made drone technology to serve building service contractors and facility administrators as they work to address reopening uncertainties.”

Perpetual Motion is the first to bring to market state-of-the-art drone technology combined with an N-listed EPA-approved, hospital and food-grade neutral Dual Quat disinfectant from Mark-V.

This agent is safe for plants, animals and humans with zero harsh residuals and no Quat burn. Once this is applied to disinfect, the magic continues with Titania, a non-friction, antimicrobial coating that adheres to any surface, providing an “armor shield” coat that’s effective for up to a year for continuous protection.

Titania creates activated hydroxyl radicals to extract airborne contaminants and reorganizes their molecular structures into harmless everyday compounds. Organic materials coming in contact with the solution will break down upon contact, making it ideal for high-capacity venues that require thorough protection.

The company’s COO, Jimmy Petrick, added: “Not only does our solution retain effectiveness for over a year, it’s extremely safe for humans, animals and the environment.

“As the country takes steps to get back to the activities we love, our holistic drone disinfecting chemistry will give entertainment venues (indoor and out), stadiums, warehouses, churches and schools the technology they need to keep us safe and healthy.”

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