PfCO holders in the UK grow by over 200 in March


The number of drone operators who hold a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the CAA in the UK rose by over 200 in March.

CDP actively researches the market and when last checked towards the end of February to the latest update given on March 27th, the UK has seen a dramatic rise.

Specifically, the CAA has an additional 205 on its ‘SUA Operators list.’

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To give context, this compares with a rise of just 41 in the previous month when CDP’s research tracked the data between updates on January 8 to February 8.

As described on the CAA’s website, the document is an alphabetical listing of CAA-approved commercial operators of Small Unmanned Aircraft (aircraft not exceeding 20kg).

By law in the UK, drone users operating commercially must have a permission granted by the CAA and will have a certificate to prove this has been granted.

The CAA encourages people to ask drone operators to show his or her permission document and discuss how the work might be achieved within the conditions of the permission.

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