Police in Whaley Bridge deploys evacuated street drone patrols to combat opportunist theft


Police in Whaley Bridge turned to drone tech to patrol the evacuated streets in the town after opportunist thieves looked to ‘ransack’ empty houses.

More than 1,500 residents were forced to evacuate over concerns that the nearby Toddbrook Reservoir was at risk of bursting.

Reports have suggested that because of the empty homes and streets, some thieves had seen an opportunity.

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On man, speaking to The Sun, said his home had already been broken into.

However, the Derbyshire deputy chief constable, Rachel Swann, reassured residents that their homes were safe.

She commented: “We can assure you that security of the area continues. We are using drones regularly to patrol the area. We did have reports of a couple of prowlers the other evening but that turned out to be two police officers.”

As the water level in the Dam begins to fall, some residents in certain areas have now been allowed to return home.

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