Police investment in UAVs pays off as drone locates injured man

Lincolnshire police

A police UAV played a crucial role in the discovery of a hypothermic man in Lincolnshire, underscoring the growing value of UAVs in emergency situations.

Police officers initiated a search for a man who had left his car after it had overturned on the A16 near Ludborough in the early hours of Sunday (February 25) morning.

Knowing that temperatures were near freezing, and that the man was potentially injured, officers decided to deploy the drone.

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With infrared and thermal technology, the drone was able to pick up the location of the man quickly and efficiently.

Sgt Mike Templeman highlighted that timing was of the essence from receiving the initial call at 2.19 am, to finding the man.

He said: “We did extensive searches, but obviously we are very rural and it was very dark so you’re limited in what you can see. The man was unresponsive and hypothermic when we found him.”

Without the drone, this search could have taken much longer and Sgt Templeman credits its use with “possibly saving a man’s life.”

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