Police use thermal imaging drone to find deer hunters in Nottinghamshire


Lincolnshire Police has again used a drone’s thermal imaging capability to successfully track down criminals.

Footage from Lincolnshire Police showed how the force were able to locate the deer poachers within minutes of deploying the drone.

Lincolnshire Police tweeted the video showing how the incident unfolded on Saturday night.

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Accompanying the tweet was a comment from the police which said: “Poachers in Beckingham last night thought they could hide in their car in a wood. 24hr thermal police drone deployed, finds them in minutes and guides in LincsPoliceK999 – 4 in custody.”

It is not the first time this month the Police department in Lincolnshire has used its drone services successfully.

Around a fortnight ago the force used a drone to locate a rape victim, again using thermal imaging.

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Lincolnshire Police drone locates rape victim

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