Porsche changes lanes to get into the drone game


World-famous sports car manufacturer Porsche has confirmed it is developing an airtaxi in a bid to complete with Uber and Airbus.

In an exclusive report, German automotive news site Automobilwoche revealed that the high-performance auto motor engineer is looking to enter the UAV market in the near future and will soon be ready to present concept art.

Engineering publication, The Drive, reported that although Porsche AG has confirmed it is working on an Airtaxi, it’s not unlikely it is also developing a small UAV.

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According to the publication, the company’s sales director, Detlev von Platen, commented: “It does make sense. When I’m driving from Zuffenhausen to the Stuttgart Airport, I need at least half an hour, when I’m lucky. With the aircraft it’d be three and a half minutes.”

Porsche has yet to reveal an official statement with details about the airtaxi.

Companies, including Ehang, Airbus, Boeing, Uber, are currently working on unmanned aerial solutions to transportation.

Last month it was revealed that a report from the London Assembly, an elected body that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, called for authorities to develop UAVs for delivery and passenger transportation in the city.

The report notes that the increasing amount of freight traffic is a major contributor to London’s congestion problem and that using drones could help alleviate this problem.

It has been suggested that low-flying drones could be used to establish new river crossings over the Thames.

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