POWER LIST 2019, EMERGENCY SERVICE SPECIALISTS: Ed Delderfield, Project Lead for Drones, Lincolnshire Police


Ed Delderfield and his team at Lincolnshire Police have been quick to integrate drones into their work, noting that their deployment can be the difference between life and death in some cases.

Alongside some other forces across the UK, Lincolnshire Police have certainly been leading the way in drone use for Emergency Services in the UK, with DJI’s enterprise team recognising their work at AirWorks 2019 in the US.

Speaking to CDP on the work his team have done, he commented: “Our biggest success was saving a man’s life in February 2018. Following a traffic collision, the victim staggered from his car and fell into a water-filled ditch six feet deep. It was 2am and sub-zero temperatures.”

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Adding: “The ditch and surrounding area had been searched by officers with torches and firefighters with handheld thermal cameras. Only when the thermal camera-equipped drone arrived on scene was the victim’s faint heat signature seen. Officers were guided in and rescued him — he was hypothermic and unconscious.”

This description showcases the true power of drones and reaffirms why they are no longer regarded as novelty devices but aids that have a major role to play in modern day policing.

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