POWER LIST 2019, ENTERPRISE GIANTS: Jack Selman, Innovation Coordinator, Murphy


Jack Selman, innovation coordinator at Murphy, started out as an engineer’s assistant within the company in 2010 and has worked his way up from site level, through to engineer into the group role he is in today.

His proactive approach with new technologies is mirrored by his ascension within his company and shows with the way he is leading on drones.

Having spent time working in the cross country pipelines and rail industries in both the UK and Australia, from design and feasibility stages through to construction and delivery, he has comprehensive experience working in the construction sector in a number of environments.

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Appearing at this year’s Commercial UAV Show in London, Selman will champion the use of drones as tools and not toys. He is big on viewing drones as tools and treating them like any other – with the proper training and competence.

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