POWER LIST 2019, ENTERPRISE GIANTS: Kevin Westwood, Global Head if Fire Hazard Management, BP


As well as his global role providing subject matter expertise on all aspects of fire, explosion and toxic hazard management, Kevin Westwood serves as a subject matter expert on UAS & C-UAS, assisting the aviation department and global operations in correct selection vs. use case of UAS.

He determines subcontractor minimum expectations in terms of safe operational capability, RAMS, and competence of PIC and crew.

Westwood has 38 years of experience in the high hazard industry and, with 31 of those with a fire or emergency management role, he is well placed to understand the needs of first responders both in public and private sectors.

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As part of his role, he is required to constantly monitor and evaluate the latest technologies for integration into oil & gas and emergency response arenas.

He understands philosophically how emergencies are managed both tactically and strategically and specifically for this topic how integration of UAS technology is able to provide invaluable actionable data and intelligence previously not possible in the timeframe now available.

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