POWER LIST 2019, ENTERPRISE GIANTS: Simon Roxby, UAV Manager, Yorkshire Water


Leading the way as part of Yorkshire Water’s UAV team is manager, Simon Roxby. In his near 5 years in the role as UAV manager, the authority has championed the use of drones in the utility sector.

Along with fellow UAV manager, David Forbes, Roxby has created a framework for the division and outlined to his company and other utility providers across the country why drones have such a critical role to play in helping work become more efficient and value.

For Yorkshire Water, drones have become vital in providing clean water and sanitation for over five million people every day.

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Reacting to what first attracted him to introducing commercial operations to the organisation, Simon said: “Initially, the attraction was to use cutting edge technology to give us the ability to undertake more thorough physical inspections of assets at height, particularly in those areas which could not be accessed by ladders or conventional access methods.

“It also offered a more efficient way of monitoring and recording asset condition over time and on a more frequent basis due to its simplicity and ease of use.”

Simon and his team are big believers that UAV technology can offer a massive advantage in reducing risk to health and safety and, as one of the country’s biggest water authorities, have led the way so far in the utility sector.

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