POWER LIST 2019, INDUSTRY LEADERS: Victor Fernandez, New Technologies and Innovation Specialist, Vodafone


Vodafone has recently become the first company in the world to show how mobile technology can be used to prevent drones interfering with controlled/high security areas, crime scenes, major incidents and events in future.

In a joint written article with colleague Eimantas Puscius, Victor described: “Drones are expected to boost the European economy as part of future digital societies, spending seven times more hours flying in the skies above our heads by 2050 than aircraft as they undertake deliveries, inspections and even act as short-range transport.”

As part of his role, Victor is responsible for developing innovative ideas including network connected drones.

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As a company, drones are at the centre of Vodafone’s innovation for the future and recently used a mobile network to complete a drone delivery for the first time last Christmas.

Vodafone says that the tech used in this flight could be a sign of things to come as the imminent arrival of low-latency 5G could make drone delivery more plausible in built up areas too.

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