POWER LIST 2019, TECH ADOPTERS: Kate Young, Innovation and Asset Manager, Team 2100


As innovation and asset manager at Team 2100, Kate is part of the team which oversees how drones are adding value to the project.

As one of the Environment Agency’s single largest flood risk management programs in England and one of the U.K. Government’s top 40 infrastructure projects, Team 2100 has been set up to create a long-term approach to managing 350-kilometers of tidal flood defences in London.

Using drones as an integral part of the work, the group uses the latest scanning and monitoring technology to view the changing nature of the river and assess the potential impact on flood defences.

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In 2018, trials of submersible and confined space drones created the potential for further progress in data collection and now, the submersible drones work well in controlled locations, but there is more investigation to be done to confirm their usefulness in the estuary.

Kate works as part of the team which ensures innovative technology is deployed to the best of its ability and, in this case, flies at low-altitude along the length of the river, providing a bird’s eye view of the defences and identifying areas that require further upgrades.

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