POWER LIST 2019, TECH ADOPTERS: Will Barnes, UAS Service Lead, Frazer Nash


Will Barnes leads Frazer-Nash consultancy’s UAS business and is an experienced systems engineer with a background in aviation safety and developing innovative technologies.

Frazer-Nash Consultancy is a leading systems engineering and technology company which aims to solve challenging problems across a number of industries. It makes a significant contribution to national security, helps make sure power is generated and distributed to everyone who needs it and supports moving people and goods between cities sustainably.

The company’s UAS business supports organisations to adopt and develop UAS solutions by applying a systems approach to integrate the best innovation hrough education, and Will is heavily involved in that side of things.

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He is currently elping businesses in managing critical national infrastructure to transform their UAS operation and leads the UAS business in supporting organisations across a breadth of industries to adopt and develop the technology in a way that enhances their performance and safety.

Will is passionate about getting drones out there to operate with exemptions to regulations, deliver more useful data, whilst removing humans from harm and reducing operator workload.

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