PrecisionHawk enlisted to hunt jungle treasure left by the Japanese in WWII

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The History Channel has enlisted the help of a UAV pilot equipped with a PrecisionHawk drone on a mission to help it find buried treasure left in the Filipino jungle by the Japanese during World War II.      

The pilot, who was backed up by two data scientists, spent time in the Philippines earlier this year where they flew drones equipped with LiDAR sensors over dense rainforest to map ancient trade paths.

PrecisionHawk was approached by the producers of a new History Channel show to help them navigate the Filipino rainforests.

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Using air and ground sensors, including a DJI M600 equipped with a Riegl miniVUX LiDAR sensor and a Sony a6000 camera, PrecisionHawk’s team produced a colourised 3D map of the forest.

The History Channel will air the series premiere of the show Lost Gold of World War II next week.

Episode 2 will feature visuals generated by PrecisionHawk, as well as interviews with the drone pilot and data scientists involved.

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