Primoco tests new flight control system for fixed-wing UAV’s

UAV Navigation and PRIMOCO UAV

Primoco has tested the latest flight control system from UAV Navigation in a bid to try and improve landing for fixed-wing UAV’s that require traditional runways.

The Czech company began testing the new Flight Control System (FCS) on its fixed-wing UAV showing several improvements including more efficient control and automatic take-off and landing capability.

Primoco manufactures mid-sized UAV’s that are rugged enough to operate in the day and at night and in adverse weather conditions.

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Spanish company UAV Navigation, developed its system alongside Primoco allowing for a faster turnaround on the product.

A statement read: “UAV Navigation’s FCS allows standard runway landings without the need to install bulky, expensive extra equipment, such as RTK or DGPS systems.

“This keeps the cost of the final product down and maximizes available payload. Using just a simple radar or laser altimeter, the autopilot is able to perform high precision landings, even in high cross-wind conditions.”

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