Public supports drone usage rise in return for stricter safety measures, Vodafone survey suggests

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More than 4 in 5 people in the UK support an increase in drone use by the emergency services, as long as stringent safety, security and monitoring measures are put in place.

The new data has been presented as part of a Vodafone commissioned report.

It shows how 86% of those taking part in the survey supported the idea of using drones to support emergency response.

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While 79% supported the idea of drones being used to assist the police and 61% to help with monitoring as part of environmental conservation.

Sky News reported on how the ‘Cellular Connected Drones’ report made several recommendations for overall drone policy including a “blue light” fund for drones in the emergency services and the creation a traffic management system to help co-ordinate drone flights with other airspace use.

Vodafone UK chief executive Nick Jeffery said: “Drones can provide crucial information to emergency services responding to incidents. They can assess fires, deliver medical supplies and help businesses survey hazardous conditions such as construction sites, power lines and our own mobile masts quicker and more safely.”

Adding: “On the flip side, rogue drones can pose security risks. By working in collaboration with government, the public sector and regulators, we can shape legislation to ensure the transition from a consumer toy to a vital support service while protecting our critical infrastructure.”

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