Q&A: Media production agency provides insight into drone operations

With more and more industries incorporating unmanned aerial vehicles into their day-to-day business models, Commercial Drone Professional has approached members of the media production industry to assess the current landscape. 

To gain industry insight, CDP spoke to co-director and cinematographer, Joel Capes, of commercial video production agency Visual Refresh.

How do you use drones in your productions?

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During the process of designing a film for a client we will always question whether using a drone would be an effective method of telling their story or aid in the promotion of a product. Sometimes this will involve following active subjects or solely to establish a location.

What is the logistic process for you of using a drone – do you have an in-house operator or do you use a third party?

The concept behind Visual Refresh is that we can be flexible depending on the demands of a project, as such we work with external drone operators. Between the initial client brief and planning of the shoot we will decide whether a drone is necessary, at such point we brief the drone operators we work with and request quotes based on the job at hand.

What advantages do you feel they offer your business and the wider media community compared to traditional technology?

Drones enable us as filmmakers to go where we have not been able to go before. We produce commercial pieces for small to medium sized businesses, being able to provide aeriel footage without breaking the bank is something that everyone wants to take advantage of, the only alternatives would cost twenty times or more and would be a logistical nightmare.

What challenges do you face?

Being based in a town with controlled airspace and aerodromes makes for challenging restrictions. We have to make sure we adhere to the restrictions and make aware necessary authorities before flying. When using external drone operators we make sure we are using CAA certified operators to assure we can fly drones for commercial use.

What changes do you expect to expect to see in media production with regard to drones over the coming years?

I see drones becoming a necessary tool for production companies. Clients are asking more and more for aerial footage, if we don’t keep up with the current trends potential clients can easily go elsewhere. I also see more restrictions on the horizon, the greater availability and lower cost of drones mean that non CAA certified pilots are flying drones where they shouldn’t be. This is seriously affecting our creative possibilities, drone operators are stereotyped and new restrictions are issued.

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