Q&A: Percepto poised to enter Gulf market in wake of Abraham Accords deal


Dor Abuhasira, CEO and Co-founder

Following the Abraham Accords, will Percepto, as an Israeli company, be looking to enter markets in the Gulf region?

Percepto has always seen the Gulf region as a clear target market for its end-to-end solutions and we are happy to see the Abraham Accords unfold and present real opportunities that Percepto will be addressing in the immediate future. This couldn’t have come at a better time for us.

What are the main developments you see in the autonomous inspection market in 2021?

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Until now, the market focus has been around locally managed operations of sensors and robotics that were able to solve tactical needs. For 2021, we forecast the consolidation of various visual sensors and robots under a remote management software that enable autonomous data collection and the conversion of the data into insights. This results in increased efficiency of inspection workflows, in terms of time taken, safety and cost. In addition, this shift to autonomous inspection means organizations will likely move from a low frequency inspection (in some cases once or twice a year only) to weekly or daily inspection, which immediately translates to lowering risks, minimising shutdowns and for many facilities,  saving losses of millions of dollars per minute. 

Why is Percepto – and the commercial UAV industry in general – increasingly attracting major investment?

For many years, the commercial UAV industry has incurred a potential for significant ROI. However only recently, the reduction in regulatory barriers and the maturity of UAVs and use-cases have resulted in growing adoption and increase in industry spending in these technologies, thus attracting larger and more strategic investments. Moreover, commercial UAV solutions are addressing a pain point worth billions of dollars annually for industrial facilities  – the risk of unplanned shutdowns, as well as sub-optimal management of planned shutdowns.

Considering some of the world’s largest oil & gas, utilities and energy firms are situated in the Middle East, what kind of potential does the region hold for Percepto?

There is no doubt that the region holds great potential for autonomous UAV and ground-robots in general, and specifically for Percepto’s end-to-end autonomous solutions as it solves many challenges unique to companies located in this region. 

How important is it to offer customers an out-of-the-box solution?

Large organisations often find it hard to adopt the latest technologies simply because integrating them into daily workflows with smooth adoption across the organization is far from trivial. At Percepto, we have always believed that simplicity is a key consideration for solutions we provide to customers. Our solution is extremely sophisticated under-the-hood. Yet while we develop and provide the most advanced technologies, its implementation is designed to be easy and swift even for non-technical users and this is one of its key selling points.

This is why we have always embraced the concept of end-to-end solutions – we understand what users require and we work hard in the background to meet those needs. With Percepto AIM, the user specifies what insights are needed and we’ve automated the entire process, from data collection through to its analysis and the creation of reports, to provide that, choose the visual information needed, and we will make sure to automate everything, from data collection through its analysis and creation of reports, such that eventually we provide the user with the insight she requested. 

Are you able to share any exciting plans for 2021?

 We are looking forward to many new AIM deployments across our existing customers as well as attracting new customers. Alongside our traditional base of power plants, mining and heavy industrial sites, more verticals have recognized the need for autonomous inspection since the pandemic struck, from food supplies to high end car manufacturers. We’ll also be integrating more robots into our AIM eco-system and offering solutions to new additional monitoring needs of our customers.

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