Quantum-Systems and ESG present two new UAS innovations for ‘tactical deployment scenarios’


Quantum-Systems and ESG have presented the Vector and Scorpion, two UAS innovations for tactical deployment scenarios.

The Vector combines the performance advantages of a fixed-wing aircraft with the vertical take-off capability of a helicopter.

It allows the user to switch to the Scorpion configuration and use the benefits of a sophisticated tri-copter setup thanks to a 2in1 system.

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Designers at Quantum-Systems say this allows for a fast and flexible response to different challenges of changing deployment scenarios.

Due to their design, Vector and Scorpion are ideal for tactical reconnaissance and surveillance missions even in demanding weather conditions.

Both systems share 15+ km command & control range, eVTOL capability, an EO/IR HD Gimbal option, heated batteries for operation in cold temperatures, AES 256-bit encrypted data and mission link and a glass fibre and Kevlar honeycomb sandwich airframe.

When used in the different formats, the user can benefit from the advantages the opposing UAS systems offer while still having the option to switch back.

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