Quayle Industries puts M210 Series V2 to work on vital inspections


Quayle Industries has deployed drones as part of its inspection work, saying it is benefitting from increased safety, better efficiency and reduced costs.

Supplied by Heliguy, the Nottingham-based firm is using the DJI M210 Series V2 with the Zenmuse Z30 zoom payload, as well as the X4S and X5S imaging cameras.

Its work includes roof surveys, power-cable checks and site-progress monitoring.

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Quayle Industries says using the technology has proven to be highly effective.

Watch the video below to see the work in action:

Quinton Quayle, founder of Quayle Industries, commented: “The zoom camera helped by allowing me to quickly see what the state of the coastline was from a distance, which meant I could focus on the sections it highlighted rather than surveying the whole section to find the areas of interest. This saved time and made me more efficient.”

Adding: “If you need an asset inspection, then drones can take high-definition photos which show you the condition of the property. This is perfect for roofs and other hard-to-access areas. We supply high-definition photographs or 4k videos of any infrastructure that needs to be checked for damage. By using a drone, you negate the need for elevated work platforms or scaffolding, reducing costs, time and most importantly, risk.”

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