The Queen to disclose helicopter flight path to quash drone safety concerns

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It has been announced that flight details of Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal helicopter will be released in a move designed to protect the aircraft as well as other airspace users, including drones.

According to reports from The Mail on Sunday the Royal Household will now provide NOTAMs (Notice To Airmen) of all timings and flights for other air users 48 hours before it is scheduled to take off.

The decision comes as fears mounted that the Royal aircraft could soon be involved in a collision involving a UAV.

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While the decision has been made in the name of safety, royal protection officials fear another aspect of safety could be the sacrifice.

Dai Davies a former head of royal protection, told the publication, that the disclosure of this information makes members of the Royal Family vulnerable while in the air.

He said: “This gives me grave concern as to the overall risk potential. Why bother spending millions of pounds on protecting the Royal Family on the ground, then make this information available in advance? I just despair.”

A spokesperson for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) commented: “Following a review of helicopter flights by the Royal Household, route details will be provided to all airspace users including private pilots and drone users to allow them to remain clear.”

At present, all pilots, including commercial drone pilots as well as hobbyists, are required to check NOTAM lists before they fly to assess potential hazards.

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