Radiation-proof drones deployed at Arab world’s first nuclear power plant

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The Middle East’s leading provider of DT^3 (Drone Technology, Data Technology, and Digital Transformation) technology, Falcon Eye Drones (FEDS), has underscored the importance of drones in increasing workplace safety while speeding up inspection measures.

It hopes the deployment can unlock the full potential of the Arab world’s sole Peaceful Nuclear Energy Programme, the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant in Abu Dhabi.

It aims to generate clean electricity in the next 60 years

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Hailing the launch of the UAE’s nuclear power plant, Rabih Bou Rached, CEO of FEDS, said that drones can help ensure the gold standards of safety and reliability of the country’s $32bn power plant, which is expected to offset approximately 21m tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year, or equivalent to removing 3.2mn cars from the country’s roads annually

Providing a clear insight about how drone applications are now being utilised in the nuclear industry today, the CEO said that drones play a vital role in site condition monitoring on nuclear sites across the globe because of its wide scope of advantages over these ground-based technologies, including an eye for safety, gathering accurate mapping, and time-saving alternative

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