Record-breaking drone display rings in the New Year

SkyMagic Live New Years Eve

Performance drone company SKYMAGIC has collaborated with Fireworks by Grucci on the partnership’s second Ras Al Khaimah New Year’s Eve show, breaking two Guinness world records in the process.

The show broke the record for the longest firework waterfall, at 3,788m, as well as the record for ‘most unmanned aerial vehicles for launching fireworks simultaneously’, at 196.

This is a different record entirely to that held by Intel, which flew 2,018 drones in a California show in July 2018. Intel’s record is for the most unmanned aerial vehicles flown at once.

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SKYMAGIC, based in the UK and Singapore, and Fireworks by Grucci, America’s ‘First Family of Fireworks’, used their new PyroDrone technology for the show.

SKYMAGIC’s live operations director Chiew Soon Hooi said: “This has been a challenging but ultimately rewarding project. From a live perspective, the introduction of pyrotechnics on the drones throws up a unique set of fresh challenges, all of which the SKYMAGIC and Grucci team overcame.”

Ras Al Khaimah is one of the seven emirates making up the United Arab Emirates. The display was visible from over a kilometre away, so SKYMAGIC says the entire island was able to view it.

This news comes after charity Nesta predicted that 2020 could be the year that we see drone performances replace fireworks displays for environmental reasons, rather than merge with them. Read more below:

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