ARPAS says “not much will change” as it obtains EASA regulations update

ARPAS has obtained an update from the CAA on what will change when the new EASA regulations come into play. It comes after James Dunthorne, standards director at the trade body, received a question from an ARPAS member. The organisation released how based on some comments received, Dunthorne spoke to the CAA and received an official update from them. ARPAS confirmed that the CAA will be updating CAP1789 soon to provide further clarification on the following matters: 1) The UK aren't planning to follow EASA's standard scenarios. They will instead follow the pre-defined risk assessments (PDRA’s) route. These are essentially
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Associations would fight ‘tooth and nail’ against increased drone fees, BFMA statement reads

The British Model Flyers Association (BFMA) has released a statement promising to fight any future fee increases as part of the Drone Registration and Education Scheme (DRES) due to be implemented as of November 30th, 2019. Since the scheme was announced 2 years ago, the original proposed fee of £16.50 was lowered to £9.00, following pressure from the BFMA and other groups. The statement by BFMA chairman, Ian Pallister, reads: “There has been speculation amongst some members that the £9 fee could increase significantly in future years if the number of registrations falls well short of Government predictions. There is
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