Reno mayor tells of commercial drone importance at US Conference of Mayors


The mayor of Reno told US mayors at their 87th annual meeting in Honolulu how important commercial drone operations can be.

Her comments came as the mayors unanimously approved a Data Protection at the Edge Resolution sponsored by mayor Hillary Schieve of Reno, Nevada.

It called for ‘sweeping’ improvements to data security and infrastructure.

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She said: “As the country’s first Mayor to oversee the unmanned and autonomous deployment of aerial commercial drones over an urban area in downtown Reno, I know first-hand that the incredible growth of data being generated by the Internet of Things and the continued evolution of smart cities requires the most secure infrastructure possible.”

Continuing: “As mayors on the front line of technology deployment, we call on the Administration and our Congressional leaders to adopt the highest national standards for the safety and integrity of this data across the nation.”

The 2019 Data Protection at the Edge Resolution was co-sponsored by mayors Debra March of Henderson, Nevada; John A. Mirisch, mayor of Beverly Hills, California; and Mark W. Mitchell, mayor of Tempe, Arizona.

Debra March, mayor of Henderson, commented: “As our cities continue to embrace the rapid adoption of smart city technology through connected devices, deployment of sensors, autonomous vehicles, smart grids and more, we must ensure the massive growth of data infrastructure is as strong and resilient as possible.”

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