Report identifies UAVs industry’s top 20 leading lights

A new industry report has revealed a list of the industry’s top companies that will play heavy roles in shaping the landscape of the UAV market throughout 2018.

The UAV sector report from Wise Guys, a global provider of market research, forecasts and reports, has analysed companies from North America, EU, China, South East Asia, India and Japan, among other relevant locations.

The full list of the UAVs industry’s top players, according to the report, are:

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• Parrot
• 3D Robotics
• Yamaha
• Microdrones
• Alpha Unmanned Systems
• Aeryon
• CybAero
• Xaircraft
• Ehang
• Zero Tech
• Ewatt
• Jinhua
• ChinaRS
• Aite
• Hanhe

The report also features an industry forecast, predicting the growth of the market over the next five years, as well a key market trends.

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