REVEALED: Flying High Challenge champions five use cases

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The UK has taken another step forward in the quest to safely integrate drones into developed regions after Nesta revealed its ‘use cases’ list.

The Flying High Challenge, run by Nesta in partnership with funding from Innovate UK, is designed to maximise the economic and social benefits of UAVs in UK cities.

By collaborating with five selected cities, the Flying High Challenge will support each one to develop plans based on local community needs.

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These use cases are:

• Urgent delivery of medical products between hospitals (in London)
• Surveying for urban regeneration (in Preston)
• Responding to traffic incidents (in the West Midlands)
• Supporting the fire service (in Bradford)
• Carrying medical goods across the Solent (from Southampton)

A spokesperson for the Flying High Challenge said: “We want to get to the heart of what these would look like in practice, their feasibility, benefits and impact.

“Rather than broad descriptions of how they might work, we are modelling examples of what we think they are most likely to look like based on several assumptions. This approach can give us a good indicator of whether or not these uses are technically, economically and socially feasible.”

For each of the five use cases, the Flying High Challenge selectees will sketch out what a likely flightpath might look like. The Flight path will outline where the drones would take off, where they would fly and where they would land.

The website stated: “For urgent medical delivery, for instance, we are modelling drones carrying medical products between two hospitals. In Preston we are looking at drone-based surveying of real locations on the planned construction site of the M55 link road.”

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