Revector confirms compatibility with a wide range of commercial drones


International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) catcher technology successfully tested on five of the top global commercial drone manufacturers

Revector has confirmed that its IMSI-catching technology has been successfully tested and approved for use on five of the world’s leading commercial ranges of drones in the last month. Testing continues to extend the range of compatible drones that can support Revector’s IMSI catcher technology.Revector’s range of multi-channel, covert detection devices for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market are fully portable, low weight devices that enable the identification of people of interest through aerial surveillance on UAVs. Optimised to be carried on commercial drones, the latest IMSI catching technology weighs less than one kilogram but is fully compatible with many mobile networks.

A unique identifier

Every single mobile device in the world has a unique identifier – a 15-digit, unique number assigned to the SIM card that identifies the mobile user within the network. This is knowns as an IMSI. IMSI-catchers can be deployed to identify devices on the mobile network by connecting nearby mobile phones to them. This then gives the authorised user of the IMSI-catcher the ability to locate and monitor activity lawfully.

Real-world application

Applications for IMSI catcher technology on UAVs include identifying the location of a missing person as part of a safe search and rescue operation before deploying human teams to rescue the individual. UAV-based IMSI catchers can also play a significant role in protecting national infrastructure such as power stations or reservoirs to ensure that identifiable mobile devices are authorised to be in the vicinity.

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Revector’s IMSI-catcher technology enables a range of organisations – from military and government agencies, police forces, airport security bodies and wildlife protection – to accurately pinpoint and track illegal activity, address security threats, and protect critical infrastructure sites.

Andy Gent, CEO of Revector, comments: “The miniaturisation of IMSI technology that Revector has pioneered has enabled us to develop light yet robust solutions that can be drone-mounted. The benefits are simple: the drone can fly into inaccessible areas to identify persons of interest quickly and effectively. This reduces the personnel needed and provides a more flexible solution for the deployment of IMSI catchers.”

Small but powerful

Revector’s UAV housed IMSI-catchers have been engineered to be light and flexible without the need to compromise on power or flight time. The smallest device has a payload of just 750g yet can fly for more than one hour, providing great versatility.

Revector’s drone-mounted IMSI-catcher devices are the first multi-channel IMSI-catchers available to the market. The range includes 2G, 3G and 4G mobile phone detection. A 5G version will be available in late 2021. Andy Gent continues: “It’s incredible how far and how fast IMSI catcher technology has developed. Ten years ago, the deployment of IMSI catcher technology was large, expensive, and unwieldy. The applications are endless, with a payload for an IMSI catcher less than the average tablet device. This provides new opportunities to use the technology to protect individuals, critical assets and the wider community.”

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