RHC Proposes New Drone Regulation To Boost UK’s Aviation Sector


Britain’s Regulatory Horizons Council (RHC) published on Monday a report on how the UK could support the rapid and safe commercialisation of drones as the technology progresses.

The RHC is an independent expert committee that aims to identify the regulations needed to foster technological novelty and provide the government with expert guidance on how to efficiently apply them.

The report showcases how an innovation-oriented regulation could expand drones’ potentials, from the delivery of medical supplies, search and rescue services to infrastructure inspection.

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The report suggested testing the commercial deployment of drones across remote parts of the UK such as the Hebrides to enable the transformation into commercial operations, especially for flights beyond the operator’s sight.

Additionally, it highlights previous regulatory practices from the U.S., Rwanda, Singapore, and Ireland, urging the government to boost cooperation with these countries in the wider aviation sector.

Moreover, it addresses the key regulatory challenges and how the government and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) could overcome them.

The UK’s Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Kwasi Kwarteng reportedly responded to RHC welcoming the report, saying that the Department for Transport will respond in detail to the shared recommendations after the live consultation on the future of transport regulatory review.

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