RIEGL expands survey-grade airborne scanners


The Austrian-based laser scanner manufacturer RIEGL has further expanded its line of ultimate survey-grade airborne scanners particularly developed for UAV/UAS/RPAS-based applications.

Presented for the first time at Intergeo 2018 in Frankfurt last October, the RIEGLVUX-240 offers a laser pulse repetition rate of 1.8 MHz,a measurement rate of 1,500,000 measurements per second and a scan speed of 400 lines per second.

These capabilities as well as its 75° field of view predestine it for high point density corridor mapping, power line and railway track inspection, topography, and mining.

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The new airborne laser scanner which only weighs 3.8kg and features a sophisticated design ready to be integrated on both small manned and unmanned aircraft, especially fixed-wing UAVs. The interfaces for IMU/GNSS system integration and up to four optional external cameras are also provided.

The system has 1 TB data storage capacity and WLAN enables direct access to trigger the scanner remotely. RIEGLs Waveform-LiDAR technology allows echo digitisation and online waveform processing. The ability to penetrate dense foliage is due to the multi-target resolution.

With a weight of 11 kg and a new design optimised for the utilisation in gyro-stabilised mounts, small hatches and pod solutions, the RIEGL VQ-480 II and VQ-580 II airborne laser scanning systems present themselves as the appropriate solution for surveying applications from medium flight altitudes using helicopters, small manned aircrafts or large UAVS.

With a laser wavelength of 1550nm, the VQ-480 II enables the utmost flexibility when choosing a flight altitude for applications such as city mapping. In contrast, the VQ-580 II is working at a wavelength of 1064nm and is well suited for measurements on ice and snow.

These latest developments complement the already proven RIEGL portfolio in unmanned laser scanning including the mini VUX-1UAV and mini VUX-1DL LiDAR sensor with lowest weight, the VUX-1UAV high-performance laser scanner and the RiCOPTER which is RIEGL’s remotely piloted, fully integrated airborne laser scanning platform.

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