ROAVR Group Wins Best Drone Services Provider At SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards – 2021


Since 2014, ROAVR Group has been an industry leader in providing unmanned aircraft systems, training, operation and consultancy. In the wake of it being awarded a prestigious title at the SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards, we speak to CEO Matt Harmsworth about the firm and his passion.

Nationwide operating ROAVR Group is a multi-disciplined survey, inspection and filming company specialising in drone use for an environmental consultancy, survey and inspection and still operates a filming team working on hits such as James Bond No Time To Die.

“We think of ourselves as a tech-based customer services company, and the majority of our work is in London supporting planning applications,” explains best-selling author, podcast host, and company Chief Executive Officer, Matt Harmsworth. “We help architects, homeowners and facility managers get their planning back on track.”

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As USPs go, ROAVR is pretty ahead of the game. Positioning itself as “uniquely, totally customer-focused”, the firm prefers to devote its time and resources to understanding its clients, their challenges and prescribing solutions to those issues using technology and in-house systems unique to the sector. 

“We do not compete on price but value,” Matt enthuses. “If a client doesn’t understand our value proposition, then I have failed in my role.”

Being within a sector that has seen significant growth through the pandemic could be seen by some as lucky, but Matt and the team at ROAVR take that growth with a significant degree of humility. Most of the company’s work is assessed by Local Planning Authorities, which it sees as overworked and under-resourced. 

 “Planning applications are taking months to assess beyond their service level agreement dates which is all the more reason to ensure all aspects of your application are correct and in place before submission to avoid costly delays.”

Matt believes that the firm has also experienced a surge in demand due to more and more people working from home, as many are now looking to build home offices, gyms, and leisure spaces, and these fall within the scope of the planning system.

“We have seen a 300% uplift in these types of projects,” he says. “And, with our London office being ideally located just off the A3 at Woking, having a central base is essential to servicing these requirements.”

Recently, ROAVR was awarded the accolade of Best Drone Services Provider 2021 in the SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards. 

Matt puts this down to the firm’s innovative products and the team behind the scenes who have helped push the company forward to enjoy growth and increased success. Matt, who recruits not purely on CVs but also on finding a good fit for the business, tells us more about his passion for helping clients achieve their objectives whilst also helping staff achieve their lifetime ambitions.

“If you take what someone else is doing and do it 1000% better, you’ll still only get a small percentage improvement,” he says. “If you find a niche and nail it – that is, give the customer what they truly want and have a deep understanding of their needs – you will get massive growth. We aim to be the best we can be and give outstanding customer service and add real value, and that is driven by our staff.”

 As ROAVR continues to expand, its mission is to continue to provide the very best customer service available. With its survey and inspection teams growing, Matt is taking drone technology to the far ends of the UK in the remainder of 2021 to service projects, such as wind turbine inspection and land mapping. It’s safe to say the future is looking very bright!

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