Rogue drone collision ignites huge forest blaze in the US


A drone pilot has been arrested for causing a fire that destroyed 300-acres of forest land by crashing their UAV.

The drone was flying over Arizona’s Coconino National Forest when it was involved in a collision, which caused it to ignite dry grass.

It is currently legal to operate drones in US national forests, however there is a body of regulations governing when and where they can be flown and states drones must not be flown in wilderness areas nor over areas where wildfires are active.

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In addition to posing a fire risk themselves, UAVs have also impacted fire fighting efforts. While helicopters were attending an incident in the same region last year, pilots’ efforts were hampered by a UAV photographing the blaze.

The BBC has reported that the pilot, who has not been identified, could face a fine, community service or a jail sentence.

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