Russian ‘anti-UAV attack team’ launched following assault from drones

Vladimir Putin

Russia has created a team to work on impending drone attacks from terrorists as well as developing technology to immobilise drones mid flight. 

The move, reported by the Express, comes amid growing fears of terrorists using drones.

Russian concerns have been heightened by jihadist attacks on its military bases in Syria using UAVs. The Kremlin has demanded that the Defence Ministry, several secret service agencies and the Russian National Guard work together to find a solution to destroy drones before they reach their targets.

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Technology to zap drones has been developed in Russia but needs testing, said Col-General Sergey Melikov, first deputy director of the national guard.

“We are considering an option to create groups to test experimental equipment to fight UAVs within our units,” he told the Express.

Security expert Yury Zakharchenko said there was no universal technology yet to fight sophisticated drone attacks.  Such a system or systems must recognise and identify incoming UAVs and then launch an appropriate strike by either radio electronic attack or missile.

This week Russian forces have come under attack from “assault drones” at its Khmeimim air base and Tartus naval base in Syria, said the defence ministry.

“Air defence forces detected 13 unidentified small-size air targets at a significant distance approaching the Russian military bases,” said a statement.

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