Russian Navy Vessels To Be Armed With Drones

Russian Navy

Russia’s navy ships will be armed with kamikaze drones to strike enemy vessels and ground targets, the Russian daily newspaper, Izvestia reported.

The navy is weighing whether to use its existing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) already in service or develop new ones specifically designed for the task, Izvestia added. 

“It is possible to arm ships with kamikaze drones in a short time.

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The new weaponry does not require special hangars, or catapults to launch. UAVs can take off directly from the deck with minimal alterations,” the newspaper explained.

Supporting Marine Landings

The Russian marines tested Kamikaze drones during the Kamchatka exercise last month to provide fire support while landing on the coast.

The newspaper said that drones could be particularly effective against terrorists and motorboats. 

Military expert, Demitry Boltenkov said that “landing on the shore is the most critical phase, providing accurate fire in this phase of the battle will save the lives of many soldiers.” 

“When a worthy target is identified, the drones immediately start to attack. This tactic ensures the instant elimination of firing points,” Military Expert, Viktor Murakhovsky told Izvestia.

“Additionally, the drones have video capabilities, allowing them to gather intelligence,” Murakhovsky added.

The Syrian War

The Russian forces in Syria reportedly used drones to target vehicles and firing posts, According to Izvestia.

 Rostec’s Director, Bekkhan Ozdoev said that UAVs have been proven ‘effective’ on the battlefield, as they are undetectable by enemy radars.

Russia’s ministry of defence announced its plan to equip the Mi-28NM Night Super Hunter helicopter with drones to enhance its battle capabilities.

The first 80 helicopters under production will be equipped with a drone control system.

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