RYZE Tech collaborates with Marvel and Disney for Tello Iron Man edition


Drone start-up RYZE Tech has teamed up with Marvel and Disney as part of the release of its Iron Man Edition of the Tello.

It has now been released in Europe, the United States and Canada and hopes to build on the success of the Tello and the Tello EDU.

As well as the Iron Man inspired armour design, it comes with a new flight control app featuring Iron Man’s AI assistant, FRIDAY.

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The Tello Hero App has been designed to offer the pilot an immersive experience when flying Tello Iron Man Edition.

Providing guided voice instructions for each mission, FRIDAY aims to assist in teaching basic flying, camera operation and how to use the intelligent flight modes by dodging incoming missiles and tracking potential suspects.

Users can operate the Iron Man Tello several ways including using a mobile device with the Tello Hero App, Tello App, Tello EDU App or Swift Playground App, or by connecting it with a compatible third-party Bluetooth remote control.

The new edition uses an HD camera capable of recording 5-megapixel photos and 720p video with real-time video transmission to the mobile device.

Users can also use the ‘EZ shot’ smart functions including 360° Video and Circle as well as pre-programmed flight modes like 8-Direction Flips and Throw & Go. Price and Availability

Available from DJI online and from official retail partners in United States, Canada and across Europe, the new device will retail at £129.

Each Tello Iron Man Edition box comes with one Tello Iron Man Edition drone, two sets of spare propellers, one battery and a USB charging cable.

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