Safety warning issued after drones fall from the sky


A safety warning has been issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) after a “small number of incidents” where UAVs have fallen out of the sky due to power failure.

The safety notice, which was published on 26 October, applies to operators of the DJI Matrice M200 series of drones.

According to the aviation watchdog, the drones affected suffered a complete loss of power during flight despite indications that there was sufficient battery time still remaining.

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In each case, this resulted in the aircraft falling directly to the ground due to the immediate loss of lift with the remote pilot unable to control its subsequent flight path.

The full details of the occurrences are still being investigated by the manufacturer, the CAA said.

Some of the machines were damaged, though there were no reports of injuries or damage to people or property.

The drone model, which is popular with UK emergency services, has reportedly led to some police forces grounding drones until the issue has been resolved.

The CAA advises DJI Matrice M200 operators to seek a battery firm update. Anyone experiencing technical issues with the firmware update process is urged to contact their DJI dealer immediately or DJI directly, it added.

DJI has issued its own response to the safety alert, in which it said that it is aware of a small number of reports involving drones in the Matrice 200 series that have lost power mid-flight.

“Flight safety and product reliability are top priorities. Our engineers are thoroughly reviewing each customer case and working to address this matter urgently,” it stated.

DJI said that its drones are tested for “thousands of hours”, and have an “overwhelming” number of customers enjoy using its products with minimal disruption.

“We are looking to implement additional safeguards. When prompted on the DJI Pilot App, we recommend all customers to connect to the internet on the app or DJI Assistant 2 and update the firmware for their aircraft and all batteries to ensure a safe flight with their drone,” the company added.

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  1. Where and under what conditions did this happen. Having flown multiple TB55 sets that were correctly undated and with M210-RTK firmware updated (.0913) I found no problems existed.

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