Security official says the powerless US stance on drones is ‘gravely concerning’


A US Homeland Security official has said the lack of power the country has over drones is a cause for concern.

Speaking to CBS News, intelligence official David Glawe thinks terror organisations could take advantage of the situation.

With the news outlet, he walked along the Mexican border and described how drones could infiltrate the US in a new way.

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He said: “If you want to move people, narcotics, god forbid weapons of mass destruction, or anything else over the border, you have a surveillance location that can be now automated with drones at a very inexpensive cost by organisations outside of the United States.”

The concern is growing after last month when the Venezuelan president suffered an assassination attempt at the hands of a drone attack.

Currently, the Department for Homeland Security in the US is pushing congress to give security officials more power to take out drones if they are posing a threat.

In a speech, the DHS secretary of state, Kirstjen Nielson said: “Outdated laws prevent us from setting up the sophisticated defences we need to protect big events, federal facilities, and other potential targets from an airborne menace.”

She added: “DHS does not have the clear legal authority to identify, track, or take down dangerous drones. We can’t even test our defensive measures in civilian environments.”

On the matter, Glawe told CBS: “I think we want the opportunity to have all tools in the toolbox for our law enforcement officers. To identify good from bad is a key component.”

Law enforcement sources have told CBS News privately that they are capable of taking a drone out as technology is evolving rapidly, but went on to say how the laws hadn’t kept up.

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