Sentera delivers on customer requests with update to PHX Fixed-Wing drone


Sentera has given its 2019 PHX Fixed-Wing Drone a major update in reaction to customer feature requests.

It has now been equipped with a new, longer-range high-speed datalink, an omnidirectional antenna system, and an upgraded, higher-capacity battery.

Additionally, when in-flight, the PHX supplies live HD video, still images and live analytics, including stand counts, weed locations, and plant health, using the newest variants of the Sentera Double 4K sensor payload.

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Todd Colten, chief aerospace engineer at Sentera commented: “We listened, and for 2019, Sentera is delivering the updates that most benefit our PHX users. Our focus is on user productivity, cost-per-acre, and operational simplicity.”

“PHX is already known as a phenomenally efficient, rugged platform. These changes widen the gap, with extended range, endurance, and faster time-to-launch,” he continued.

Adding: “We understand that our customers’ success depends on a streamlined process that allows them to go from setup to flight to insights in the most efficient and reliable way possible. The 2019 PHX is really unmatched; cover large areas faster and with greater payload flexibility, which translates into more options for analytics-based insights.”

The complete Ag scouting systems start at £6,416 ($8,499).

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