Shropshire farmer uses drone technology to move livestock


A new study has been testing the ethical and cost benefits for farmers of using drones to move livestock.

Drones are already doing this job in New Zealand and Prof Mark Rutter, from Harper Adams University, said they could be a “viable tool” for farmers in the UK also.

According to a report by the BBC, a small farm in Newport in Shropshire has been practising using drone technology as part of its day-to-day operations where UAVs are being used to herd sheep towards their daily feed.

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In an interview with the BBC, the farmer said: “They’ve been trained that the drone is associated with food and they see that as a positive thing. So they’re now following the done because they think they’re going to get fed.”

“This is just really another tool because there will be times when the sheep will maybe go into fresh pasture. The drone, then you know, the enticement of a few feed pellets isn’t going to be enough to get them out.”



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