SimActive software used for Shoreline mapping with eBee X


SimActive has confirmed its Corrlator3D is being used for mapping projects in France.

Deployed in Brittany by Altumedias, an eBee X equipped with a senseFly S.O.D.A 3D camera is flown along the shoreline to produce hi-res true orthomosaics and 3D models.

Didier Wasselin, COO at Altimedias, described how he was highly satisfied with the results.

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He said: “The quality of outputs from Correlator3D is exceptional and the mosaic renders the vivid colours of the Pink Granite Coast. Such results are very useful for heritage conservation and decision making by local authorities.”

Francois Gervaix, technical advisor at SimActive, added: “The combination of SimActive software and senseFly eBee Plus X is an ideal combination, due to the accurate RTK / PPK and optimized aerial triangulation. The S.O.D.A. oblique imagery leads to outstanding 3D textured models.”

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