Singapore introduces strict new drone regulations beginning February


The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) will introduce a set of new restrictions on the piloting of unmanned aircraft, starting early next year.

From February 2021, the Straits Times reported, those hoping to fly a drone of over 1.5kg in weight will face severe fines if they have not first undergone training and passed an exam.

The new licences will come in two forms: a basic training certificate, for pilots of drones between 1.5kg-7kg, and a pilot licence for drones of 7kg or more.

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Further permits are required for recreational drones in excess of 25kg, or for unmanned aircraft under 25kg that fly within 5km of an airport, military base or other restricted airspace.

Regulations for commercial drones are slightly different, however, requiring the pilot licence, as well as an operator permit and activity permit, regardless of the drone’s weight.

Piloting drones without possession of one of these licences can result in a fine of S$50,000 (£28,300) or two years’ jail time, with the sentences escalating for further offences.

CAAS took steps back in mid-2018 to first expand its regulations regarding the use of unmanned aircraft, and later to more clearly define them for pilots. Read more below:

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