Six-figure investment sees British drone firm produce “most accurate” 3D maps in the country

MD Ian Ashworth builds orthomosiac map

Networx3 Drones says it is soaring to new heights following a six-figure investment that will allow it to produce the most accurate 3D maps available in the UK.

The Lancashire-based business operates a fleet of five drones nationwide working for clients such as the emergency services, water companies and energy suppliers.

The new service is now possible after Networx3 Drones started using the world’s first adaptive flight planning app for commercial drone missions coupled with data analytics.

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Using this bleeding edge technology Networx3 Drones’ fleet can now capture thousands of photos during a pre-programmed drone flight to create a new, larger photo map.

These high-detail and high-resolution orthomosiac maps offer a distortion-free representation of an area that’s true to the geography on the ground.

They are so accurate that they can be used to measure distances between points because they capture real-world conditions.

Networx3 Drones managing director Ian Ashworth said: “Using this emerging technology massively expands what we can do with our drone fleet. We’ve already had interest from the construction and insurance industry and we can see this being used to give a 3D view of any land, property or water.

“The level of detail on the maps we produce is phenomenal. You can see individual roof tiles, rivets on a mobile phone mast and points on a railway line.”

Adding: “We can record, inspect and survey skyscrapers, bridges, reservoirs, landfill sites, quarries, solar farms, cladding, agricultural land and then produce a 100% accurate digital map for clients like they’ve never seen before.”

Compatible drones from the Networx3 Drones fleet use an app, from autonomous flight software company Hammer Missions, to complete a pre-programmed flight which guarantees 100% coverage of the land or water its mapping.

This data is then transformed into an orthomosiac map using software from data analytics experts gNext Labs.

The orthomosiac map service is part of a £100,000-plus investment in Networx3 Drones over the last 18 months.

As part of a major expansion Networx3 Drones now has five qualified commercial drone pilots and a £45,000 drone control vehicle which is home to its hi-tech drones, mapping software and a two-person operations hub.

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  1. Using a DJI Matrice 210 V2 RTK you most certainly do not have the most accurate 3D maps in the UK.
    Please get your facts right…or is this deliberately misleading?

    If you’d like to see more accurate mapping drop into our website:

    We use market leading DSLR cameras to achieve higher accuracy than the DJI Matrice 210 V2 RTK.
    This we have proven on some of the largest construction projects in the UK and in many other applications.
    For the sake of factual integrity, greater accuracy than our DSLR systems is possible using medium format cameras, but we have found that customers do not want the higher levels of accuracy at the prices that medium format cameras yield.

  2. Distortion free orthos? There’s no such thing. Not even with a metric camera. This is what is wrong with the industry. Give them enough rope…..

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