Skies set to see more than 10,000 drone flights a day by 2030, report suggests

The skies above Canberra, Australia, could see around 11,000 drone delivery flights per day by the end of the next decade, a new report has found.

Economists at the AlphaBeta consultancy have predicted that by 2030, each household in the city will get a delivery by drone once every ten days, equating to a total of 5.6m drone deliveries per year.

According to a report from the Sydney Morning Herald, most of the deliveries would be of goods currently delivered by road or picked up by the buyer at the shop.

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It goes on to detail how of existing transactions, drones could replace up to one million deliveries and four million pick-ups per year and also add 600,000 extra transactions to the economy due to ease of use.

Drone delivery could also play a part in an environmentally-friendly delivery programme, something leaders around the world would want to capitalise on.

Wing, Google’s drone delivery spin-off, is currently testing drones on a small scale in the country and plans a take-off and landing depot in Gunghalin in the north.

Wing is keen to make drone delivery a realistic prospect in the near future and recently announced how it expects to be operational in Finland before the turn of 2020.

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