Sky Power GmbH appoints new US sales manager

Trent Aguon

Sky Power has welcomed the new addition of Trent Aguon, formerly of Scan Eagle UAS, to the team as its new sales manager.

Sky Power GmbH manufactures two-stroke combustion engines and Wankel engines for UAS and hybrid applications, working mainly in Germany.

New sales manager Aguon is a specialist in UAS ground control systems, and has worked in the industry for nearly 15 years.

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His experience includes being deployed to five different tours during the operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as to operations in Afghanistan, setting up Scan Eagle UAS systems.

Sky Power CEO Karsten Schudt commented on Aguon’s appointment: “Coupled with his many years of experience fielding, flying and maintaining UAS aircraft, we are pleased to add his knowledge to our team.  We feel this will help us bringing our customers a sense of comfort.

“Trent knows and understands the supply chain and what it takes to field and maintain aircraft and engines from the field.”

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