Sky Power makes big investments in product quality

coordinate measuring system Keyence XM 1200 3D

German UAV engine manufacturer Sky Power GmbH has sought to improve the quality of its products by investing in an extra engine test cell and improved measuring equipment.

The company explained that its engine development is carried out completely within the 3D-CAD software Solid Works.

All components are created as prototypes and pre-series parts, which are then tested. These measurements must be extremely precise.

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Managing director Karsten Schudt said: “For this reason, we decided to purchase the Keyence XM 1200 3D coordinate measuring system to check initial samples for dimensional accuracy with the 3D measuring device.”

The system uses infrared transmission combined with the latest optical technologies to ensure high-precision measurement and, ultimately, Sky Power product quality.

The device is also used in the incoming inspection of serial production parts, such as cylinders, to detect defective parts before they are assembled.

Sky Power has also invested in a new engine test bench on which all prototypes and pre-series are tested to verify basic performance data and product quality.

These data for torque, power, consumption, operating temperatures and service life are documented based on 150-hour tests.

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